Monday, October 3, 2011

Amazon Becoming a Library Near You

A UK story by a Daily Mail Reporter on September 13, 2011, said that readers will soon be able to check out their favorite ebook by way of an Amazon virtual library. 
Amazon hopes to take advantage of the rise in digital book popularity and the likely closure of thousands of brick and stone libraries across the country.  Traditional library use is on the decline.  Some have become havens for the homeless.  They are prime targets for governments looking to trim their budgets. 
The article indicated that Amazon is likely to launch e-library books in the US first before rolling it out worldwide.  Why start in the US?  The answer is the US is ripe for it.  Ebook sales overtook paper book sales in the US for the first time this year.  The reporter suggested that customers of the new library service would probably pay an annual fee though, as he reported, the exact details have not been determined.

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