Thursday, October 27, 2011


Another site for ebooks is BooksOnBoard has one very useful feature, considering the wide variance in prices for ebooks even among authors of equal stature.  You can sort any selection, for example mystery/thrillers, by price—from low to high.
Here is how they describe themselves: 
“BooksOnBoard, the largest independent eBook store, serves over 250,000 registered customers. We have sold eBooks since 2006, before all but one of our large competitors (part of multi-billion dollar companies or funded by them) entered the business in their current form. Customers know us for our customer first focus, maintaining 24 x 7 email support long before anyone else contemplated it. We were the first to deliver the industry standard Adobe ePUB format from the big publishers, and we were the first to sell eBooks on the iPhone.Based in Austin, Texas, we have -- thanks to our customers -- grown revenues every quarter except one since 2006. We are a privately held company that is essentially self-funded, with a small dedicated team, all of whom believe strongly in our customers, the company and eBooks. Additionally, we offer downloadable audio books, and were one of the very first to offer MP3 DRM-free audio books. We are accountable first and foremost to our customers, and in no way are we accountable to public markets, quarterly earnings, or stock prices -- hence our independence.” 

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