Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ebooks.com Makes Shopping Easy

When you visit http://www.ebooks.com/, check out the Special Offers on the right-hand side of the popular ebooks home page.  One of the items listed is “Free excerpts for titles which are new, noteworthy or strongly in demand this month.”

Unfortunately, most of the titles on this site are not part of the 99-cent ebook movement.  In fact, a review of the ebook price of the 15 best sellers listed will illustrate just how unsettled pricing for digital media  is.  Here is a sample, the top five best sellers, as of October 20, 2011:
The Help for $9.99
The Affair for $12.99
Mile 81 for $2.99
Killing Lincoln for $12.99
A Stolen Life for $11.99
The wide pricing spread is a symptom of creative destruction occurring in the book world.  Publishers are trying to find their way in a changing market while endeavoring to protect their bread and butter—the printed word.  By the way, Mile 81 is by Stephen King—not exactly a second rate author; however, I confess that Mile 81 is not a full length novel.  Nevertheless, price in today’s ebook market is not a reflection of quality.  Ebooks’ prices for the other four books in the above list are priced high artificially to protect the printed editions. 

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