Monday, November 28, 2011

The Abbey, an Indie Best Seller

The Abbey by Chris Culver is a four-star ninety-nine cent mystery.  It is another example of an independent author breaking through to the best seller list—and Culver was a first time author when he published The Abbey.  He has since then released The Run and is working on a second book featuring Detective Ash Rashid (from The Abbey).

In The Abbey, Ash Rashid is a homicide detective who can’t stand the thought of handling another death investigation.  Then his niece’s body is found in the guesthouse of a prominent member of the city.  The coroner calls it an overdose, but that doesn’t add up for Rashid. To read more about this Culver story, go to the Nov. 07, 2011, post on INDIEREADER.COM

The success of independent authors is a product of the creative destruction occurring in the publishing world where $.99 cent books are a benefit for readers and still rewarding for authors.

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