Monday, November 21, 2011

A Clever Idea—a Writing Course for Christmas

If you are an aspiring author or have one in the family, why not include a “moneymaking” “get published now” writing course for Christmas?  This idea comes from Nick Daws’ Writing Blog.  He just happens to have developed several such courses: 
Nick Daws’ courses are available through WCCL which in addition to his courseware offers other writing related courses.  Nick published a list of all of their courses in a May 14, 2010, post titled “WCCL Writing Courses: The Complete List”.
In addition to those courses available through WCCL, there is a host of other online courses for authors.  For example, check out Margie Lawson’s website and her Lawson Writer’s Academy Courses or do a Google search, and you will get a near endless list.

The do it yourself and get published movement is a product of the creative destruction occurring in the publishing world.  Print on demand is replacing long print runs, digital is out pacing print, and independent authors are winning over the legacy agent/publisher model.

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