Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On The Issue of Self-Publishing

Joe Konrath has opened his blog, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing, to guest posters while he takes a rest from the daily grind of blogging.

The result is going to be an interesting series of editorials and informative pieces about the evolving new world of books as we transition from print to digital.  Creative destruction rewards new winners and punishes old losers.  Agents who play hard to get and legacy publishers who don’t adjust may just fade away.  The entrepreneurs among them are likely to prosper.  But it is clear that the ability to self-publish and ebooks are changing the table arrangement.  Authors are no longer willing to accept agents and publishers who move at their own pace rather than to the urgent demand of writers who want to get their books into the hand of readers quickly.  Typical of the “old school” members who have seen the light is Jeffrey Mariotte who was guest host for October 24, 2011.
Here is where he landed, as an established author, on the issue of self-publishing: 
“….I was doing it the right way, submitting my work to the same big publishers that had published me so many times before, and I was getting nowhere. But he [Konrath]and those others [Lockeand  Eisler], they were self-publishing and building audiences and selling books. 
Okay, I finally thought. I’m a print guy. But I’m a writer, and if that’s what it takes to make it as a writer, then sign me up.”

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