Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mark Rollins Mysteries Are Now on Apple’s iBooks

My first three books in the Mark Rollins adventures mystery series are widely available in print and as ebooks.

Trade paperback editions are available in most online bookstores, including the biggies—Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Signed copies of limited-edition hardback copies are offered exclusively at Ebook editions are available for Amazon’s Kindle ereader, Barnes & Noble’s Nook ereader and Apple’s iPad.  This includes: 

  • Mark Rollins’ New Career and the Women’s Health Club
  • Mark Rollins and the Rainmaker
  • Mark Rollins and the Puppeteer

The ebook editions are $2.99 each.  The paperback edition of the New Career is $14.99, and the price of the other two paperbacks is $15.99 each.  Signed hardcover editions range from $25 to $26 dollars each.

Getting to paper and on Amazon’s Kindle was a snap.  To migrate the ebooks over to the Barnes & Noble Nook ereader required that I convert my content files to Epub.  I did that by sending the PDF’s to New Delhi.  Aptara, Inc. made short work of the conversion, and Barnes & Noble made it easy to add Mark Rollins Mysteries to their Nook store.
But I still wasn’t in Apple’s iBookstore, and I wanted my books to be available for the Apple iPad.  Getting there wasn’t that easy.  Everyone says just use Smashwords.  But they didn’t accept Epub files.  I attempted to deal directly with Apple, but they weren’t returning my calls.  I guess as a publisher I was too small for them.  Finally I decided to go through Ingram’s Lightning Source group as an iBook’s aggregator.  Yes, they take a little off the top, but at this point I was looking for easy.  It is finally a done deal.

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