Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where to Get Help to Publish

I keep pointing my readers to posts over at A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing.  If you are interested in writing, you probably have already read their posts; but the site has such good information, I can’t help pointing out the really good stuff.  A November 16, 2011 post was a blast at Book Country, a subsidiary of Penguin Group.  Joe Konrath says it is a rip-off and don’t fall for their offer to publish your ebook.  You can read the full post to learn about Book Country’s clever plan to charge you to publish and then keep 30% of your royalties forever.  However, I want to make sure you don’t miss where Joe says you should go for help getting published:
“Formatting ebooks and paper books is tricky, but Rob Siders at is less costly than Book Country, and Rob does an incredible job. After formatting, you should upload your books to Createspace, Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords on your own (takes about an hour) for FREE and you're done. You're published. That's all there is to it.”
“…. people you can hire to assist you self-publishing. Carl Graves does covers. Rob Siders does ebook and print formatting. Cheryl Perez does print formatting. can help you set up your own ebook store. Diana Cox does proofreading. These people charge a flat fee and you keep all of your rights. Which means that when you upload to and sell an ebook for $2.99, you keep $2.05, not the $1.47 Book Country gives you.”

The agent/publisher/print/distributor/brick & mortar model is crumbling.  Creative destruction is reshaping the book business and legacy publishers are trying to find their way.

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