Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Claret Murders –Coming Soon

My new Mark Rollins adventure, The Claret Murders, is nearing the end of its pipeline.
What is the pipeline?  It is everything that goes on after the manuscript is finished.   I discovered that it is only after you finish the story that the real work begins.  Writing is fun.   Editing is for birds.  And the editing phase takes just as long as writing the story in first place.  With my new novel nearing its release date, promotional planning is starting to get serious.

The cover design is finished, the back of the book text and for the cover and for the cover flaps of the hardback edition are done.   The book trailer is ready to go.  A trailer is a short video that is like the previews in the movie theater.

If you like mysteries, I think you will like The Claret Murders and if you are a wine lover, then this book is definitely for you.

The story isn’t just about wine; however, it is also a story of the Nashville flood, of a woman being stalked, an ID being stolen and an inheritance at risk.

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